This Is Where A Pens Worth Will Be Determined


Fantasia’s Raindrops

Oblivious to euphoria’s glance I abandon this fabricated fantasy,

The tasteful words farmed from familiar lips can no longer latch to my ears for the blare of the storm silences any newcomers.

Roar of the paradise would rinse any lingering regret though this cleanse was both needed and long overdue.

The current was strong, more diligent minds than I had been swept away into themselves so sure footed was the only way to proceed.

Among the mist and miscommunication there were pockets of delusion offering refuge from never-ending deluge.

The clouds peppered the horizon, stretching onward beyond where my vision could transport me and in that instance the realization was clear.

A robust reincarnation stands before me, adamant in his future endeavors his glare pierces what remains inside. He is furious, not at my actions but the lack there of. His ambition emitted an aura something I had long since forgotten. There was not a single word exchanged but the message of the encounter was all too clear.








& Let Live

We wring our hands dry to the bone attempting to live for the ones around us.

Often our intent is positive but compassion causes calculating minds to become clueless.

Uncertainty is a side dish forced upon the masses when dealing with our insignificant other and their be-quested separation.

The dynamic is illegible, to any over analytical my next step must be as clear as day or certainly I am destined to fall.

Endless thoughts are spent on the costly purchase of your needs but when does a pennies worth of consideration get cast for mine?

Sadly it cannot be forced, you’ll shine in your ways as only you can while I marvel in moderation from the sidelines.

Hope with limited expectation.

Divide without hesitation

Thrive among the separation.

Make peace with your newfound destination.

Idle Reflection

Resolve what ails you, the cure lies not in the outside world but in self navigation for who understands your pain more than the source.

Examine your emotional blemishes, find pride in realities imperfection for beauty like depression knows no bounds.

Walk among your mistakes breathing deep the aroma of past failures this scent will carry you forward.

Extend your thoughts beyond the garden of regret to the promise land awaiting at the exit. Any success bares the fingerprints of former fiasco’s.

Absorb the nutrition beneath the decay and panic not the forbidden fruit shall bring you no harm.

Accept your chosen consequence but understand these chains will hold you no longer than you are willing to allow.


Reflect on this journey and remain idle no longer now arise from your former reflection and take back control of your life.


The Hangman

Endings are hard…

Waving farewell to the unnamed masses I feel the final gusts of air leave my breast.

They were spectators you see, no relation to whom I was or how I found myself in these conditions but all the same they were in attendance.

A strange thing what will draw a crowd in this day and age.

A man possibly a father & brother makes his exit from this world and folks crowd around like a movie is being released.

Suppose that’s just the fan in us all. Ever seeking some form of show no matter the circumstances.

The rope began to lunge into my neck like a bone caught in my throat trying to force its way down.

Eyes started watering something fierce and for a moment I felt myself slip out of consciousness

I was certain the ending was rounding out as the final letters fell into place but at the last minute ill be dammed if I didn’t witness a miracle.

F R E E D O M   C O M E S  T O  T H O S E  W H O  B E L I E V E



Smear what residence lingers within you for our union is pierced.

At this rotted core two husks that resemble the past.

One aging in regret worn heavy on their shoulders.

The other overflowing with indifference & gorged on self satisfaction.

Reality was cruel, wringing every drop of compassion they harvested.

The remorse sat heavy within the air almost to bode warning.

This memory morbidly molded into a graveyard and the less was clear in the ash.

Heed scars of the past for the answers, what’s broken may never come back.

Too Much

These days do mount confusion.

Navigation of an unfamiliar heart warrants a road map and even that certainty is fleeting.

We are asked to plummet with out so much as a guarantee of survival and hope sturdy hands await us at the bottom.

Too much.

We’ve seen this anticipation before, dressed as the unusual suspect whose guilty or innocent motives are yet to be seen.

Cloaked in assurance and good intention we follow the stranger deeper into the pit.

Optimism speeds past us and like the fools we ignore the warning signs

Too much.

Concealed in their web of deceit our Charlotte like captor spins a fairy tale laced with distractions.

Talons freshly dipped in nirvana and we are intoxicated on her allure.

Wings that normally would provide an escape tremble as the stalking silhouette slides ever closer to our immobilized carcass.

Too much.




Traversing the Canyon

Unified we bare witness to the rift gaping with uncertainty.

Ours is the durable but this journey will lay obstacles that would cast a heavy shadow even over the odyssey.

Faith will lay the foundation, for weathered souls tire at tribulations riddled down this path.

Within your embrace my minds set at ease and for the restless thinker at ease is a paradise whose waters we must traverse.

& so we press on, witnessing our past mistakes fade into tomorrows progression like moths to the flame.

Ambition will be our road map, so pray my love. Pray it does not lead us astray.




“Deflated” Valentines Day Balloon

The heavens appear to be fading at an alarming rate.

What was once a horizon at the apex of my aerial ambition now seems uninhabitable.

Life that once inflated me to tackle new heights is rushing from my being at an alarming rate.

These lackluster moments that mark the end of an existence do not hold the same florescence I once knew.

A glimpse of a reflection in a neighboring mirror reveals wrinkles in my soul and age around my eyes,

Though the decline is steady the pavement almost seems to be racing to greet me and conclude my final chapters.

In the distance I can make out her frame, slender fingers gripped tightly around the waist of another.

While yesterdays fantasies blow casually into the wind. Tomorrows bear shaped promises make a mold of the new companion.

Happy Valentines Day…


Breathe of the wild awakens the lost edge.

Unhinged we scramble for the fading voice but time recognizes no rival.

Be it proxy or preference our alinement was gone. Cast to the wind like ash.

Memory you do mock the shortsighted, and life she smirks with a subtle sense of irony.

A paladin, shrouded in wisdom and failure.

Though any recognition was concealed her allure spoke clear and true.

Rest your burdened hands, for what good can come from grasping at straws?


Sweet summer maiden make remembrance your first priority.

Ambush our outlasting insecurities for summers end is upon us.

The calm has hardened your disposition but this night will shatter that shell.

Crippling divides aim to force new mobility so allow us to bathe in these opportune moments.

Pitch and uncertainty guard the horizon but a fools grin will illuminate the unknown.

On comes the evening summoning you back to realities domain and departure from my fantasy.

Farewell bids its parting shot and in comes in chill.