This Is Where A Pens Worth Will Be Determined


A drop of honesty 

There was something to those endeless nights drifting in each other’s arms. 

A majestic release from the often exhausting onslaught of life’s little breaking points. 

In the mayhem & the madness you were the escape I required. 

A lost soul granted small instances of paradise within your companionship. 

In those moments that unbreakable membrane between aspiration and reality felt almost gone. 

And I could see beyond the bleakness that clouds our vision to something brighter. 

Though time shifted forward and gentler days have faded into memory yours is a love that will not be replaced. 


“Incurable Pain”

At what stage do the tears cease their fall?

The climax of our last encounter I stood in that passionless hall.

There was a bitter sweetness to those closing hours and though the aftertaste of your absence felt sour within its creases I found a silver lining.

How often we unearth unintended revelation when mining.

Without a breath of hesitation the thought materialized on my plain of emotional damnation.

“Yes she has slipped though your capable hands but in her freedom she finds refuge from her sufferings command.”

However here we stand again, the ground battered with the tears of angel and the blunt cause rests where I stand.

Perhaps my presence is merely destructive.

A corrupt construct under the false perception that he comprehends what love is.

My endless list of solemn wishes will plague you no longer.

Your benefit will come from my banishment because ever instance of my absence you grow stronger.



Her walk was living poetry in motion. 

A soft spoken seductive silhouette with untamed curves and strides like forever. 

There was a captivation about her eyes. 

A parylizing gaze glueing any passing patrons ensnared within her grip. 

& when she laughed…

A harmonious hazel heaven. 

A pure presence that always uplifted this introverted misfit from the slums of his own mind.

Each moment with her was endless time, a marvel like rhyme scheme with no ill intent and to those who know what that meant. Priceless. 

She was the peace to mirror my madness. A shatter to the bleak and underwhelming fabric that caused calamity like sadness. 

In fact she helped sculpt my manic like habits contrast my reality and mold the dynamics. 

Yes I would say she was blessed with grace.


Oh, Summer

So fade in the summer nights of rash decisions and freshly freed personalities. 

As they unleash us into the city the air smelled of the premicious and the pompous. 

The fondest of memories almost felt within our grasp and sweet was that realization. 

As I look back these traveled paths bred both regret and revelation. 

Lacking hesitance we dove into our pasionate demenors and for a moment we were free in the world. 

Sadly we swiftly learned one can only inhabit limbo for so long. 

The summer herald a new generation of the young and hungry ready to embark on tales of their own. 

But you and I we will stand idle and find comfort in the stories we made. 

Today I Turned 24 

You could see summer on the horizon that warm night in Chicago. 
  Solemnly in my solitude I sat frozen as the tide of nameless faces came and went. 
Often my gaze met the skyline and marveled in the serenity such a hectic place could provide. 
  Casually the coupled companions eyes would wander towards the weary traveler. 
Alas my presence could only afford to borrow a moment of their time as our paths crossed. 
  Sunlight was being beckoned to the opposite side of the world and I waved my final farewell.
If a lesson was to be learned on this day I suppose it would be as follows. 
  You flock to observation over action seeking to critique instead of opening yourself to the worlds opinion. Take a firm step back into life or make content in the stories of others. 
And with the stars crowning as the sky transitions to dusk look forward with ambition and allow yourself to love. 

“The Last Note”

Shaken by the falls aftermath we attempt to reassemble the pieces. 

Those early months dragged with a bitterness we’d never seen. 

Endless remembrance of your presence at all reaches. 

And yet in that first winter peace of mind found me. 

You see within it silence brings perspective and your faults are never more visible. 

You question how often you truly tip your hand and accept where it lands. 

The final whispers breeze past your ear and with a somber heart you bid farewell. 

And for every moment that fades another emerges in its place. 


I’m feeling particularly vile today. 

Romping through putrid self preservation calm is the nations monotone message to the masses. 

A hilarious horse hare frantically spazzing to the prismatic passing of his patches perfection. 

Eschew was the bengals direction. Uncontrolled motion a constant colmaity like commotion his presence would motion. 

Then came the swine. Weak willed this delusional damsel ever sought courage but ended up ransom. 

Less we forget the aerial arrogance always annotating his infinite wisdom. 

The rambunctious youth with no maternal discipline. Free roam of the world and unforeseen restriction. 

Finally the gullet. Waltzing carefree nature a bumbling barrage of beastlike qualities barge into any residence. Dense would be an apt description endless hunger with bold conviction. 

Oh and there’s this kid Christopher Robin that comes around he’s annoying too.
Thanks for reading lol. 


Let us be majestic,

Marvel in the magnetic attraction that intertwined our factions. 

Two individual sets of hopeless romantics, child like antics and frantic thirst to be in their presence. 

Presented itself in its infinite wealth an opportunity at happiness arms length from the shelf. 

Youthful the promises of promise lands captivated in hormones embrace. 

Oh how we loved the chase. 

Oh how those young hearts break. 

More fragile than glass cannons those fantastic phantoms that lured our vision away. 

Still we remember those days. 

Often looking back in the height of the fade a drifters mind made merry of yesterday’s age. Honest in monetary lapses that level of passion we may not have fathomed but still we were grateful. The youth though sometimes hateful and made fools by the simplistic bumps the road pay their toles by the fragile heart. 


Mortified my eyes swell with a rancid and repulsive rage.

Pain meant to dissolve led me to this poisonous stage. 

It was the assault of endless days or at least what resembled endless. 

A fate worse than death for a writer thats penless. 

We cannot wash what’s been seen, resolve mistakes where the ends met the means. Stop haunting occurrences of has beens and torn seams.  

And we sell ourselves justification. Ever so quick to reach for our wallets and buy dreams no cheaper than the false hope they’re wrapped in. 

But there in lies the truth, we are the toxins. 

Unchained Mirror Gaze

Majestic was my wild side.

Ever addicted to life’s compassion. Irrational connections in the poorest fashions. 

Emotional drifter, swindle unsuspecting factions and gaze as fire consumes their rashions.

Pitch of black felt the fall and no comfort in sight with an endless bottom. 

And still…

Fool of a romantic ambitiously still seeking forevers. 

Swelled pride within the writing hand and many a storm to wether. 

Clipped wings soar even on imaginations feather and so we shall. 

Though brown eyes have seen many nights and lost a bit of their light still they dream. Dream of something better than this. Even if only for a moment.